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And in fact, it was during the finale of his candidacy that his progressed Sun left Leo for Virgo. I wrote about this earlier, stating that his self-aggrandizing Leo, after a 30 year progressed Sun run, would now begin to buckle down for the hard, detailed, Virgo work of governing this country. On the day that his progressed Sun moved into Virgo, his progressed Moon was in early Leo, and would travel through that sign for the next two years plus.

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That period has now ended. His progressed Moon is now entering Virgo, and on September 16 he will initiate a new and his final I have a feeling that whatever is left of his self-aggrandizement is about to be overshadowed by the intensity and difficulty of actually analyzing, in detail, how to make it all work, or at least work out, in the end. Pluto is a year cycle. In Capricorn, Pluto, which, along with Saturn, set up all the original and continuing political and economic and geopolitical structures, will now either dismantle or profoundly rework them during this most momentous and likely, tumultuous, period since the founding of the U.

Will this nation survive its Pluto return?

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Karma is to come due. Change is in the air although it is not in ones consciousness as of yet. The progressed Balsamic Phase is the time when one begins to sense the future and dedicates themselves to it. It is the transiting ending to all that was. Old issues and loose ends may come for review.

Sun enters Scorpio

As this phase progresses it becomes a time of enforced isolationism. One may feel like they are going crazy as it is hard for them to identify with things in the so called real world. They may think they have made a mistake, that there must be something wrong with them. It is at this time that one needs to understand that those things that are no longer valid or have passed away had a purpose, and that part of the fulfillment of that purpose was to make way for what is to be born.

The Balsamic time is a time of meditation, of inner searching. People need to realize that it is O. People often retire during a progressed Balsamic Moon and sometimes pass on from physical life. A decisively new direction has come about in your life. This can be an emotionally stimulating time in which you feel the urge to initiate and project, even if you are not quite clear about what you are projecting. Much of the energy in your life can have a magical quality to it as things are just automatically going in a certain direction. It is important to be intuitive at this time and allow the natural course to show you the way to the next step.

As this phase progresses into the Crescent Phase this new venture in energy will become more manifest in tangibility with an awareness that something new is trying to come to life. Being in the Crescent Phase of this new cycle you are becoming more aware of something new coming to life. We often meet with resistance from people who want to keep us the way we were or resist change as it occurs in our lives. It seems that is all that matters.

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Having dealt with those things from the past that needed reckoning with, you are now ready to fully focus your energy on building the future. This is an intense period of growth. Your will is strong and your eye single. You live in the moment and can handle situations as they occur. This is the building phase of this lunation cycle. Success can happen only with a strong foundation.

Progressed Moon and Depression

The way is clear. Concentrate your energy. Perfection comes later, after the basic structure is in place. Having progressed to the Gibbous Phase you are at the stage in which you are analyzing the techniques being used in order to find the most efficient manner of operation so that growth can hold value. This may include others in the learning process. It could entail an apprenticeship of sorts in order to perfect your individual functioning.

This will lead to a more expansive approach, a way in which you will begin to stretch from your more detailed, personal approach to going outside of yourself to participate in larger things. This is a Phase of transition from instinctive operation to that of conscious and deliberate action. By scanning, understanding and perfecting what had begun at the New Moon Phase you are becoming fully conscious of its existence in its entirety for the first time.

You will then be ready to pass into a new awareness in which purpose and meaning will be infused with illumination.

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A successful integration of the two polar opposites results in the culmination of perfecting complementary forces and their ability to operate for a common goal. This means all that you had been building and nurturing to completion has reached the stage in which you are to now recognize it for what it is, and to learn to work with it in a new way. What is its meaning, its purpose? How is it to function for you?

Prior to the Full Moon Phase, from the beginning of the Progressed New Moon, instinctive action was the focus of energy. That means how does one want to be remembered when they are not here anymore. What kind of legacy is left behind? This is the time to make plans and see them through.

The hard part about this progressed Moon is that the person will be all work and no play. However, during this time, the lessons of learning about self-application, are more important. Achievements could be great at this time. While Capricorn is concerned about following and making rules, Aquarius is about breaking them!

Progressed Moon in the 2nd House

This will be a time of great personal rebellion. Freedom is the keyword. Or, will be decided to change the company they have started into a nonprofit. The key here is this: Capricorn is looking for achievement, and Aquarius is looking for giving back to humanity. Too much work and too much structure make for a very restless soul. That restlessness will leak out into every area of the person's life. That energy must be acknowledged and accepted.

Coming from the frenetic energy of Aquarius, where we are making great strides at finding out who we really are, Pisces is the real change. After we have begun to identify ourselves with our idiosyncrasies and unique qualities, Pisces asks us to let those go and merge with something much greater than ourselves.