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They start to realize that they need to start doing some physical exercises or they should change their eating and diet habits and they will even pay attention and put some effort into these things. Warm and not strident shades are recommended for you and as accessories many bracelets. You should avoid wearing precious stones tonight so you can attract luck on your side. Their experience and passion allow them to remain amongst the most useful employees and to adapt to new conditions. They still feel they are in good shape; they still wish to stay informed, to train and to be up to date with the technological innovations.

They consider making some important time and money investments for their health. The professional level still has some interesting surprises and possibilities for them. They will face instability and change and they will have to be flexible about it and react quickly. This is a busy time on the financial level. They need to invest into and to spend for their plans for the future and for younger members of their families. That is why it is important to spend time looking for the best options from a financial point of view.

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These could even be about the desire to occupy a position with more responsibilities, more similar to their imagination and vision. They need to devote time and attention when looking for a position in another organization; however, they must be ready to seize opportunities. The social level is busy; events put them in contact with many people and they may encounter important contacts for their evolution.

If you born in , , , , , , , , , , , …, you belong to the Chinese zodiac snake. Snake is the 6th in the year-cycle of Chinese zodiac signs. People born in the year of snake are generally born with the zodiac snake characteristics.

Snake Woman – Chinese Zodiac

They are believed to be graceful, calm, composure and expressive. They can move forward according to the plan all the time with the spirit of grittiness. Both sensibility and intellectuality are very strong. The snake man's head is full of wisdom and life is full of mystery.

They have a wide range of hobbies, like reading books and listening to music. They also have a high artistic taste, will enjoy life very much. The snake man is very cautious and often depends on his own subjective judgment. His suspicion is heavy and does not reveal his true idea.

The man born in the year of snake is a man who has lofty ideals and does not like to surround himself with idle people. His will is firm and can hold the position to death. He is so rational that makes others feel a little heartless. When dealing with a difficult problem, the snake man showed an unusually calm leadership style.

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Snake men have a strong sense of responsibility, and clear goals. Most of them are well respected. The man of snake man is more amorous, there are many suitors around. Maybe people think he's in love, but he doesn't really care. A snake man loves to think, to act and usually have a fluctuating, fresh and stimulating life. The snake lady is charming.

The Year Of The Snake: 10 Personality Traits

Her calm, serene and delicate appearance will make people fascinated. She's always confident and has a well-thought-out plan in her mind. Women in the year of snake are naturally gentle and elegant. They like to appreciate classic works of art and taste various delicacies. The woman of the snake is born beautiful, their skin condition is still delicate without special care which makes many women to be jealous and envied. But your tight nerves will affect your gastrointestinal digestion and cause stomach problem. Please pay attention to do self-decompression timely. The snake lady loves to be fashionable.

She likes the dress of luxuriant and noble and always dresses appropriately. She pursues prosperity and wealth, she will try every means to change her destiny. She also asks her husband to be motivated and she can be a good wife.

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A woman who is a snake is open-minded and doesn't want to compete with a man. She is confident that she can conquer men's hearts and make him willing to work for herself. A snake man is often yearning for excitement and passionate love, so there will always be multiple women around him in his life.

Their visions of love are new and fashion. They know how to express love with action, and also understand the psychology of girls. But while they act, they do not reveal their thoughts which makes it impossible for others to understand their hearts, so it's harder for them to find a true lover.

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  5. People born in the year of snake generally have a relatively smooth childhood and youth age. They grew up in stable environments. In middle age, many undesirable things will gradually appear, but it will not affect you. What should be noted is your old age. There is a saying that the snake man is an incredible man in the zodiac, and a very difficult man to deal with. There is another saying that the most beautiful woman and the strongest man in the world were born in the year of the snake.

    The snake people with a smooth-tongue will easy to cheat in words after marriage. Even if it's a valid reason to work overtime, he won't tell the real reason necessarily. But if the other half raises any questions about fidelity, he is going to be very reactive and cause constant dispute. Therefore, the way to get along with each other is to regard mutual trust as the principle, so as to resolve the small and trivial things in life. Although there is no great hardship and failure in the family, but the hearts of husband and wife deviate from each other.

    Disasters will come. The snake also called "small dragon". In the idiom, the snake often presents a vivid, smart and clever feeling. It's said that the Snake wakes up from its long hibernation and creeps out of its den on the third day of the third month of the Chinese lunar calendar; therefore, that day is known as "the Dragon Head Raising Day". The Snake and the Dragon are very different in their symbolic cultural meanings, although the former was often compared to the latter by the ancient people.

    In fact, the Dragon doesn't exist in nature. The Dragon was created by the imaginations of the ancient people based on the Snake, and it symbolizes power, nobleness, and greatness. It's very common for people to see snakes, and some of them are very poisonous, resulting in them leaving a bad impression on people. The first negative symbolic cultural meaning of the Snake is its sinisterness and indifference. The Snake is a cold—blooded creature without a vocal cord, so humans can barely hear its sound although it hisses, reinforcing their prejudice about its indifference.

    Women who are beautiful in appearance but crafty and ruthless in their heart are called "beautiful Snakes", and they are very popular in detective fictions.

    Chinese Astrology - The Year Of The Snake

    The second negative symbolic cultural meaning of the Snake is its mysteriousness. The Snake can creep without feet, it approaches without casting a shadow, and it leaves without leaving a trace; therefore, it's rather mysterious to humans.

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    8. The ancient people worshiped the Snake as a god due to its mysteriousness. They were powerless to the threat of the Snake and therefore offered sacrifices to curry favor with it and pray for its blessing.