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It makes for an interesting association. Leo is undeniably wise, but the Goat is wiser. Leo is admittedly a practical organizer, but Capricorn is even more so. Cheer up, Shy Pussycats, Lions, and Lionesses. The sixth astrological house represents service. I see the Leos glaring at me, in injured dignity. I dare not. Leo and Capricorn are curious about one another.

Not always, but now and then. Becoming competitive can turn them into either open or secret enemies. Yes, planets can blush too, just like human Goats. Make a wish on Saturn. Create a post. Post Pagination Next Post Next. Like it? Share with your friends! Share Your Thoughts Here. Connect with:. Forgot password?

Choose A Format. His calculating and intellectual side has won me over along with his wit. He comes across mysterious at times and initially didnt overtly show his feelings. We compliment each other alot and we are good at making each other laugh. There is just a mutual respect between us. I enjoy his company immensely as he does mine. We havent cross that sexual bridge yet but are moreso connected mentally. I hope we have a wonderful future together. Right now we live apart.

He resides in another country and we miss each other a lot. I want to say thanks for providing insight into your relationship. GemLove and you guys also have what us capricorns lack on which is to enjoy the moment of life and get out of our box of seriouse and determination of success and show more happiness in life,sometimes the rock needs to be lifted and out of the shell.

Capricorns… I am a Gemini male and I love you with all of my heart. I have always loved you and always will. Think about it… You have all that we lack and that we desperately need. We need your strength and perserverance. We need your deep and passionate love for us.

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We need all the stability that you bring to a relationship. You are the rock that we lean on when our canoe is tipping. They need your wise guidance and commitment. Our pride can be so stubborn that we will mistreat you to save our dignity and often times lose you over stupid stuff. The truth is, we love and admire you so much that we are jello in your hands. Believe in us and our love for you and we will succeed together. Simply let them know that you are concerned and offer some friendly advice.

Be sure to follow that up with some hot sex too Anyway, after 15 years with my capricorn woman, I am totally in love with her and would not want to live without her. Keep these ladies happy, they are worth more than all the gold in the world. Find out what makes her happy, and do it! Love all, and good luck. Dont forget Gemini have a twin so it depends which twin he is mostly,and i need some one to help,read the comment before that i post plz help…..

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I have to be completly honest with my fellow capricorn ladies, we do not pair up at all we are on a different wave length and page!!! Angie i ment to say two classes. I need help,we are in high school. I only have him into classes. I agree with everyone how said that not all gemini are the same its like saying all the guys are the same.

I need some advice and ladies if your going to be negative then i dont need your conmebt i love looking at the bright side. So please help. Shame on some the women in here, you put a bad name on Capricorn ladies. A Gemini man being abusive, manipulative, a user, lazy ect. A persons upbringing can have a huge influence on them later on.

Fordan Do you go around asking every ugly person what their star sign is in order to come to that conclusion? Also, remember that a Gemini loves to stir on purpose. Me and my Gemini were really close friends for years before we started dating, because of that I know he loves to stir me up on purpose, why? Most likely boredom, as harsh as it sounds try not to take it to heart, instead try to outsmart him and say something witty and unexpected.

He stirs me up a lot because he loves to hear my funny outbursts, he also loves to playfully argue with me as well, he really knows how to get me to have fun and let my hair down, much like peter pan he takes me away to never land before bringing me back to earth again, taking away my built up stress leaving me revived and happy.

Once he moved in with me, he decided on his own to aim higher, to him it was another adventure, wanting to be able to save to come with me over seas as well as have kids. He does invite me to join him which I do on occasion, but otherwise like a hermit I happily stay at home. Adapting was hard but so worth it, like someone said above, you really do get out what you put in.

Hi, I am a Gem man. You admit your part and move on, or you make effort to fix it and tell the other to do the same.

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Yes, we Gems are cursed with multiple personalities. Best wishes,. And I can add another one. I too fell for a Gemini. He was intelligent, intuitive, charming, sexy as hell, with seemingly strong Christian long term marriage-orientated morals — and he was crazy about me. And then emerged the evil twin. This guy was nothing like my beautiful lover, he was ice cold and manipulative. But once he got what he wanted there was never a word from him for weeks after. I suspect the real reason he never stayed was because I bored him.

The evolved Gemini uses his talents to uplift and empower, but the debased ones are little more than clever parasites, and to a slow abiding creature such as a capricorn woman — pure poison. So ladies, if you are considering dating a gemini man — be careful. Keep your head and your wits about you. Im a Gemini male and I do not like Capricorn women. Most of you are ugly with a nasty personality to match it! To all the Gemini males Dont bother trying to explain to these misfits about why they dont deserve us.

Man, you must have been hurt really bad. That quality in a man was just a bad choice of companionship. Not all Gemini men are like that you know, you just chose one of the few that make the rest look bad. I am a Capricorn woman married to a Gemini man. Not once has he told me I was worthless.

I know when I have put ideas to him for what I want to do in the future, he has told me the HONEST truth about what my intentions were and has made me realise, I would have been spending a lot of money on something I would not follow through which pissed me off at the time but I look back at those situations and realise, he was right!!! Just saying!! I was shocked of how true compatibility states between Gemini man and Capricorn female. It is true that when he needs his resentment mini-vacation away from me then I do walk away and give him the space he needs.

He always seems to find a way to contact me and we are back to square one again. I enjoy his friendship even though he can be very moody and wishy-washy. He has always been upfront and honest with me and I have always told him a piece of my mind; when neccessary. When we are together we have fun and laugh. As a Capricorn female, we can fall fast and easily. BUT as long as you keep in mind and understand your Gemini male then you can make things work. Im a Capricorn women who has been in love with a Gemini man for 5 years now. We have been through alot of ups and downs. But thats what keep our love and relationship strong.

I wouldnt trade him for the world. Wicked and funny. Big time manipulators, cheaters, they lie with grace and mentally abusive. They can also be physically abusive. Dangerously flirtatious!!! Detriment to Capricorn woman. Take my advice: the devil is smart because how old he is not because he is the devil. I been there and done the research for you. Apparently you have not been completely expose to the nature of your partner. You got a real manipulator!! But of course there are good persons and bad persons and not all gemini are bad, but boy can they be.

It just take one little white lie for you to catch him. The nature of gemini is detriment to capricorn woman. Its a match in hell. It is just a matter of time. Capricorn woman are good by nature, gemini man can see this in us and with their manipulative and creative personality can lift us up to heaven, just to let us drop death!

We have high expectations and they can never fulfill them because is just not in their nature. We are beautiful inside and out and we are strong confident woman who attracts gemini like honey attracts flies. My advice: RUN. Hey… um… you ladies are terrible…. That is completely prejudice..

Yes, like Jamie above post said… we all have our bad days and let me assure you all… us Capricorn women have them to.. Negativity likes friends.. As to you Farah.. Different people..

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Have you a plan for everything you choose to do.. Lastly, this is not a bash to any of the previous posts made by the women.. Farah — wow what to say here..

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So they had bad experiences.. I am a Capricorn woman who spent 15 yrs of my adult life in a relationship with a Gemini man. We were perpetually 14 yrs old together. There are so many things about this man that I love, but so many things that I hate. I wanted to stab him repeatedly with a dull butter knife towards the end of our relationship. Extreme highs and extreme lows. He was my second Gemini boyfriend.

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I always felt like he was lying to me and keeping things from me. I fell for all of the promises that he would change. I have no patience for them any longer. Ladies, Ladies… Relax. Both very driven, and I do have all kinds of ideas and like to have fun.. My priorities however are on both are success and health. She compliments my airy idea to idea nature with more solid discipline and focus which I love.

Wish you all the best. Relationships are mutal. Understand eachother and hold off on some of that Gem hate, or move on…. Well mister Gemini. Seems as if WE think your childish, worthless, and plainly straight stupid. I hold on to him because the love i have for him is much deeper then the hate. But thats a gemini for you! Im very much in love with my gem man. And i feel like hes got 2 personalities cuz i just realized one part of him is a complete asshole and the other is a good man.

I can build him up or tear him down to ppl and im n love with the good man personality So i hang on 4it. Lets me stay home and tells me he loves me everyday but the childish behavior of him overreacting breaking stuff blamin me all that stuff just came out a few months ago when he started gettin 2 comfy. The cheating was almost a yr ago and hes been faithful since. I took him back cuz i was preg and i convinced myself it was because he freaked. Again i was and am so blindly n love. Now hes moved us n2 the farmhouse his pap owns fixed it up has a job lets.

A real job doing construction cuz he loves being outside but now im the stay at home mom. He relies on luck and lives paycheck to paycheck. Cares about his needs before mine and. I love my boyfriend and father of our 2 month old so much. But sometimes i wonder if i do. He flips out breaks things has a drinking problem will stand up4his friends more than me and tries2make it all seem like its all my fault. I did support him2find a. This is extremely true for dating a Gemini man. I remember when I was dating my ex he was always so spontaneous, adventurous, and social.

He would sometimes wonder if our relationship would ever get boring which is what scared him the most, far more than infidelity. I had a lot of fun with him. Towards the end I noticed him distant and our relationship started heading south. He stopped trying and later I found out he was cheating on me. I confronted him, he denied it, then he just stopped talking to me, and got a new gf 2 weeks afterwords. He moved on so quickly, while I was still depressed.

I cared about him a lot and did indeed put my REAL feelings and effort into the relationship and to see it meant nothing to him broke my heart. I now have a new bf which also happens to be Gemini and hope it works better with him. Immature, superficial, creative, spontaneous, adventurous, and child at heart. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

How would you rate this relationship:. This site is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting. Remember Me. Toggle navigation. Like 4. Share this. Anna August 7th, Anonymous November 12th, I honestly feel like it is different with everyone. If it is ment to work out it does. Like 0.

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Zombiegirl October 29th, Masit June 15th, And stiff while upset.. Not one who equals here From my most honest point of vieuw i can say that a capricorn woman learns a gemini man to be more organized , and too finish stuff … While a gemini man can learn her too let go stuff from time to time and too not take life too serious Sex is good , Kisses too , Only thing i can complain is the stiffness a cap woman can display..

But then again , they are earthy … So they are not the most smooth ones … In my opinion they are not the most secretive or mysterious ones but the love you get from them is real , and therefore has a tremendous power.. They are steady females , and they are not here to bullshit Anybody.. We gemini men can be different.. It is an unusual combo but it can be a surprising good one.. They aren,t a slouch either.. The things they say make sense.. While our things lean more to insanity at times yet often the absolute truth We push it too far and way way to detailed and way too overtought … Cap women keep it simple , and we gemini men have just too much brains so it appears at times.

So in depth discussions Will not work with them , What is working greatest is dark or sarcastic one liners.. Its there where their souls Will meet. Bye Like 0. Lovelylindz April 25th, Amanda April 3rd, Alice Cooley April 21st, U know what I was trying to say his dumb ass. Sarah March 29th, Gail February 2nd, Sharon October 18th, Nisha July 11th, Lol Like 0.

Pamela R Derrick July 2nd,