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Choose opportunities that permit you to give impersonally without expectation of return. Give because it makes you feel like a million dollars to give and you are the only ones in the zodiac who really get that thrill! At your best, give in the Venutian way. Venus is your ruler and you know the secret: Love is an extended act of kindness, not an emotion or need.

Your greatest gift of all is to give the person himself or herself. Instead, hold up an accurate mirror as only you can. Gift the person with the opportunity of seeing themselves as they really are — and win-win you get to be the way you really are, too. As you read this, are you beginning to understand that the charisma of giant supernovas like film star Jean Harlow, President John Kennedy and four performers who held whole generations in thrall — Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears — is based on something far more than their talents per se?

If used negatively, Libra Rising can become an empty vortex of energy circling around the egos of others to which he or she is unconsciously trying to give expression. You can be all things to all other people and nothing at all. Hitler is a good example and in this context you might say that Jeffrey Dahmer tried to fill up by eating other people.

All planets in the Tenth House also affect the public image. If your M. The Ascendant is like the ground wire of the soul. The Ascendant represents the personality, personal matters and health. It is actually the cusp of the First House and all of the planets in the First house influence personal affairs. Personal matters and the personality are important to everyone. A powerful Ascendant indicates an intense personality with pronounced features and this means that much energy is directed inward to an interest in personal and more private matters.

One of the ways astrologers measure the position of the planets and the house cusps is along this path of signs called the ecliptic. Being located in a particular sign gives added modulation to the energy of the planets. A few examples will explain what is meant by modulation. A musical tone sounded on a piano and a trombone is modified through a different type of instrument. A speech which is televised differs from a speech read in a newspaper and other different results occur from hearing a speech in person. Each sign has its dominant thought which modulates everything within its bounds.

This is signified by the key word of the sign. The signs will all be described individually but broad categories are employed to make comparison and contrast possible. Positive signs are active and masculine while negative signs are reactive, receptive and feminine in nature. The first sign is extremely positive and the second sign is moderately negative but the last sign is extremely negative and the second to last sign is moderately positive. The middle signs of the zodiac are more homogeneous and balanced. The most pronounced border between signs is between Pisces and Aries.

This corresponds to the time of the first day of spring, the vernal equinox. Signs of the First Emanation Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer are classed as the first emanation The first emanation signs promote behaviours which are inspired By ones internal urges wishes and desires. These self-starting people are inclined to follow a path of their own direction.

Aries - I am moveable, fire, positive The sign of the ram is combative, competitive, a leader, optimistic, officious, perhaps over confident, quick to act, reluctant to admit mistakes, rash in love and lively in conversation and politics. Possessive with money and goods.

We might consider Taurus to be stable but obstinate. There are times in the spring when the developing plant growth must be able to conserve and consolidate so that strength is available for renewed growth when warmer days make extended development of little risk and the sun moves from Taurus and into Gemini. They are intellectual, reasonable. Gemini people have expanding and restless tendencies. Gemini is related to Mercury Cancer - I feel moveable water negative The sign of the crab promotes behaviour which is sometimes touchy and sensitive to change. Cancer people are home-bodies with a tenacious grasp on things familiar and domestic.

Although Cancers become easily upset; they act to safeguard security with great determination. Cancer influenced people should adopt an attitude that the world is a friendly place. Direction should be provided so that endless wandering through the tidal flats of emotion can be converted to constructive environmental improvement and adaptation. Generally these signs influence people to be bound by consideration of other people's wishes in the way that they execute their own plan.

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These co-operators are directing their own affairs with some modification to accommodate the needs of others. LEO I will fixed, fire, positive The sign of the lion tends toward courage, constancy and undaunted perseverance. They are magnanimous, generous, faithful and very ambitious. They are social, aspire to rule and have a talent for deputizing workers. They may exhibit dominant behaviour and like to show off. Leo is related to the Sun Virgo - I analyse mutable, earth, negative The sign of the Virgin if powerful in the birth chart marks such a person to be predisposed to plan for the future, be industrious, modest, contemplative, intellectual and critical.

On the discordant side of being critical they may to be overly critical to the point that no truly constructive result is likely. Virgo corresponds to the season of the year when the crops have reached maturity. It is harvest time since the days are becoming cooler and shorter. It is time to store them for the coming winter. Virgo is related to Mercury LIBRA - I balance moveable, air, positive The sign of the scales gives a predisposition to be just, fair, affectionate, inclined toward marriage and sympathetic. At the time when the Sun enters Libra the length of the day equals the length of the night.

It represents the the meeting of the two halves of the year and the marriage of opposite seasons. It has relatively warm days and cool nights. As time passes the cold begins to predominate. It is a positive sign but it has traits of both the positive and negative influences. It is symbolic of marriage of the masculine and feminine principals. Libra is related to Venus Scorpio - I desire fixed, water, negative The sign of the scorpion denotes shrewdness, suspicion, and secretiveness.

Scorpios are thoughtful, ingenious and scientific. They are persistent and seek sexual gratification. They carry a weapon in the tail where you least expect it. As temperatures cool freezing occurs. The fixed water designation conjures the image of ice and approaching coldness.

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To attain ones ultimate preservation in such an environment resourcefulness an determination are an asset. Scorpio is related to Mars and Pluto Signs of the Third Emanation The ninth to twelfth signs are categorized as third emanation. Influences in these four signs operate more on the basis of other peoples points of view and opinions than inwardly derived intentions.

These outwardly motivated people tend to act on plans already conceived by others, while their own true feelings are held in reserve. Sagittarius - I see mutable, fire, positive The sign of the archer influences people to be religious, charitable, philosophical and loyal. They aim for the main target rather than being nit pickers who pursue side issues.

Sun enters Scorpio

At the time of the year when the Sun enters Sagittarius the leaves of deciduous forests have dropped their leaves thus exposing things which had previously been camouflaged. Some streams or creeks may have run dry or been frozen over. This is helpful for hunters. They have improved mobility which promotes exploration and better vision to spot what is really there. This suits Sagittarians to pursue philosophy, religious pursuits, and have improved intuition and predictive abilities. These people can be gifted seers. Sagittarius is related to Jupiter Capricorn - I use moveable, earth, negative The sign of the goat denotes cunning, deceit and ambition.

Those with a powerful Capricorn tend to develop success in business.

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The shortest day of the year is at the commencement of Capricorn. It marks the time when the days start to lengthen. It is symbolic of the birth of a new Sun cycle Christmas. The journey to the top of the mountain begins at the bottom. The journey may at times be treacherous so the sure footed goat knows that this is the route to the vegetation on the higher slopes, thus safety, perseverance and skill are necessary.

Capricorn is related to Saturn Aquarius - I know fixed, air, positive Those identified with the sign of the water bearer, desire scientific verification of all theories. They are progressive, humanitarians who are sincere, innovative, radical and revolutionary. They insist on forming their own opinion and they reject reliance upon blind faith. In our northern latitudes this time is typified by the snowy landscapes of mid-winter.

Winter's fury has already been experienced and although more cold weather still lies in store all surviving creatures have learnt to apply techniques of reliable value. During this time the Sun begins to climb ever higher into the clear winter sky.

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The temperatures may begin to moderate slightly and winter may begin to show signs of receding. Aquarius is related to Saturn and Uranus Pisces - I believe mutable, water, negative The sign of the two fish represents a group of people who are dreamy and religiously inclined.

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Naive and innocent well wishers, they are often disposed to reliance on faith and belief. Pisceans are idealists who cherish marriage, peace, good will and sympathy. They are particular in their ways since they have already established ideals and remain faithful to these ideals. They tend to be mediumistic, psychic, sensitive, emotional and heavily influenced by the inner plane and outer plane environment. When the Sun is in Pisces, it is the last days before the equinox. Thus Pisces people have faith that a new dawning of spring is soon to come.

We commonly extrapolate or enlarge on these various departmental descriptions by associating related concepts. If we consider partnership it could be a spouse, a competitor, an opponent or adversary. For a country partners could be trading partners, allies in combat or a blood enemy. In the horoscope chart wheel each spoke of the wheel is one of the twelve house cusps. At the tip of each spoke or cusp is marked a position in degrees and minutes of the sign location relative to the ecliptic that co-insides with this position. The horizontal spoke is the horizon.

I had a strong hunch that this was wrong, though. My own feeling was that Neptune was likely high in the sky when Dylan was born — a difference that would have meant being born sometime in the evening, rather than in the morning. Why did I think that? Simply, because Neptune — the planet of music, inspiration, and spirituality — seemed to be not only a powerful influence in his life and music, but also a particularly prominent and public one. Throw in the fact that Dylan came to assume a nearly messianic identity for many of his fans, and it all added up in my mind to his having Neptune somewhere near the top of his chart.

But I was determined to find out whatever I could. Asking Bob himself was definitely out of the question, so I set out to locate the next best resource: his mom. Surely she would know what time of day he was born, or at least have some general idea. After all, she was there when it happened. When I rang the number, she picked up the phone herself and was surprisingly open to talking.

The conclusion? I bring up this story to introduce an important factor in understanding any chart and, in some cases, possibly the most important indicator — namely, the highest or most elevated planet in the horoscope. On one level, any planet positioned above the horizon in the horoscope represents energies in your life that are more visible to those around you and comparatively more exposed to public view. Determining what is or isn't the "highest" planet in a chart depends to an extent on the house system one is using.

For example, in systems like Placidus, Koch, Campanus, Alcabitius, Porphyry, and Regiomontanus, the MC is identical to the 10th-house cusp; as a result, any planet closest to that angle is automatically the "highest. So, how does one determine what is "highest" in those cases? The simple answer is to focus attention on whatever planet is closest to the MC point, and not by looking to the "top" of the chart as it appears visually.

As I said, that's the "simple" answer; a more complex response would be to take into account the role of declination, which can alter what is actually "highest" in the sky. As my colleague Jon Parks points out, one can have two planets close to the MC, but the one that's farther from the MC may actually be the "higher" of the two, in terms of having a more northerly declination. For example, 10 South declination is higher than 15 South declination, 15 North is higher than 10 North, and so on. Sound confusing? Well, that's because it is!

In subtle contrast with the 10th house, however, the MC is more than just a matter of fame or reputation, although it incorporates these things. As the symbolic zenith of the chart, the MC can be considered as also representing the pinnacle of your life's direction, as something you are aspiring toward. You might think of it this way: Whereas the 1st house shows who you are , in terms of your everyday personality, the MC shows what you want to be — i. Is Mercury close to your MC? Or is it Venus? Then your highest aim in life will center in some way around beauty or love.

Joe Camilleri is still cool in black

Consider my client born with Neptune near the MC, positioned at the focal point of a stressful t-square. As a teenager growing up in a high-crime area, his main goal in life at the time was inspired by a neighborhood drug dealer who wore expensive clothes and drove a flashy car. My client dreamt of someday becoming a big-time dealer like that himself.

But as the years unfolded and he matured, he wound up escaping that unhealthy environment, and eventually became a respected addictions counselor who helped hundreds of young men and women to grapple with their own drug problems. The influence of Neptune on the MC was always there, but it took time for my client to awaken to its true significance. Take, for example, the highly talented artist I once knew, whose chart showed an expansive Jupiter in Leo near the MC.

However, that prominent Jupiter in Leo was squared by a far more intense Saturn in Scorpio, down in his 1st house. Hard to imagine a more striking contrast! Of course, taking a more constructive and holistic approach, one could say his lesson in life was about learning to reconcile those contrasting energies, by bringing more Saturn to his Jupiter and more Jupiter to his Saturn. But on an everyday level, it was the conflict between those dueling forces that was most apparent to those who knew him well.

A classic example is actress Marilyn Monroe, who had an assertive Venus in Aries near her MC, but harbored a far more vulnerable side in private, as shown by her 1st-house Neptune and a challenging Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th house. That said, let us begin. Is this Gemini? Then it will likely be intellectual talents, communication skills, or versatility that one aspires to. Then it may be a sense of beauty or financial stability. How about Aries?

A warrior spirit, competitiveness, and drive — and so on. One client of mine with his Sun at the MC trine Pluto became a well-known psychologist, while another client with his Sun squaring Pluto gained a reputation in consecutive workplaces for being an efficient manager but overly manipulative and heavy-handed in dealings with employees. Again, the zodiacal sign can offer important clues, sometimes in very subtle ways.

Martin Luther King, Jr. The 19th-century science fiction writer Jules Verne was born with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius as the highest planets; he was famous for his futuristic visions of the world, which included imaginative stories of space travel and extraordinary group Aquarius adventures. Whereas those born with the Sun highest in the chart can feel an urge toward leadership or expressing their egoic and creative impulses in a public way, those with the Moon highest are more often drawn to project their personality or their emotions into the spotlight.

Singer Joni Mitchell was born with Moon in Pisces near the MC, and her lyrics are distinctive for exposing her deepest and most vulnerable emotions to her worldwide audience. In some ways, his aggressive personality and distinctive appearance wound up becoming even more well known to the public than his art. Having grown up with a largely absent father, he was raised principally by women: his mother Julia who was struck and killed by a car when he was 17 and his Aunt Mimi. Yoko became the catalyst that helped him to open up more fully to his feminine side, talking about the joys of settling down and cooking in the kitchen, and publicly lying in bed with Yoko for media events more Moon in Aquarius?!

Consider the example of my client, with her Moon in Cancer conjunct the MC, who gained attention for opening a food pantry for the poor and the homeless; or the chef I worked with who had a similar Moon placement and owned a critically acclaimed restaurant in a major city; or my recent client, with the Moon close to her MC, who has been a nurse her entire life. In a very different way, those same lunar impulses can steer someone into a life involved with acting or the theater. Actors Robert DeNiro, Meryl Streep, and Peter Sellers were born with the Moon as the most elevated body, befitting lives involved with expressing emotions in a public setting.

As such, this is a natural placement for teachers, writers, those in public relations or in any occupation involving communication and mental talents. One aspires toward whatever qualities are symbolized by planets near the zenith, and this provides clues as to the role models or mentors one emulates in life.

In the case of Mercury, for instance, those heroes will tend to be more intellectual in nature. One young client of mine, born with Mercury in Aquarius conjunct his MC, grew up with posters of Carl Sagan and Thomas Edison on his bedroom wall, rather than images of rock stars, sports heroes, or attractive actresses! But take note: If this elevated Mercury happens to be in a challenging aspect — especially with Neptune, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn — one has to be especially careful with any public statements, since they can get one into hot water.

He was a compelling writer and speaker, yet found himself the subject of a libel suit over comments he made in public about a colleague, which cost him dearly in legal fees, not to mention many sleepless nights. As noted earlier, Marilyn Monroe was born with Venus as her highest planet, and she became virtually synonymous with mainstream ideals of beauty.

Naturally, this placement often leads to occupations directly or indirectly involved with fashion and design.